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Treatment-free raw honey from our hives in Emmett. This batch of honey taste like apples and stonefruits since our hives are across the river from some orchards. 


What's treatment-free? 

I raise treatment-free honeybees so that I can harvest products (honey, wax, pollen, etc.) that contain less chemicals than other honey. Instead of treating the symptoms of an unhealthy hive with chemicals, I'm building a treatment-free apiary that is focused on breeding bees that are locally acclimated and resistant to pests and diseases. 


Is treatment-free different than raw?

My honey is treatment-free and raw. It's raw honey because the honeyomb was only crushed and strained. It was not heated up for pasteurization. Pasteurization removes many of the benefits of honey.

Treatment-Free Hive Raw Honey

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  • Delivery available to: Emmett, New Plymouth, Eagle, Meridian, Star, Middleton, Nampa, and Boise. Free delivery for orders over $100 or $10 delivery fee for orders less than $100.

  • Pickup available in Emmett.

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