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Next Butcher Date: November, 2024


Idaho Pasture Pigs (IPP) are a cross between Duroc, Old Berkshire and Kunekune breeds. IPPs are known for their excellent meat production and are renowned for the rich color, and superior taste and texture. They are characterized by their short, up-turned snouts which allows them to eat more grass and root less. Because a bulk of their diet comes from grass, hay, and foraging while they put on healthy weight, it takes longer to raise IPP. Our pigs are butchered at 10 months. This is roughly twice as slow as a rapidly-fattened commercially-grown pig, but the flavor and quality are worth the wait!


Special characteristics of IPPs include:

  • higher levels of vitamin E and healthier omega-3 fatty acids

  • marbleized meat, deep red in color

  • docile demeanor, making them very pleasant to be around

  • more hair than traditional pigs, making them cold hardy

  • sizable hang weight of 150-200 lbs depending on age and breed line


Our pigs are fed a diet of:

  • pasture (rotated to fresh pasture weekly)

  • non-GMO, corn-free, soy-free feed

  • apple cider vinegar (for gut health)

  • extra minerals

  • diatomaceous earth

  • they're pharma-free pigs: no meds, vaccines, etc


Pricing for whole pork: 

$7.50/lb on the hang weight, and the kill fee, cut fee, and wrap fees at a USDA-inspected butcher are included. Free delivery within Treasure Valley. The final cost of the pork depends on the hang weight which is the weight of the animal after slaughter and the head, hide, feet, and innards have been removed from the drained carcass. We expect the hang weight of a whole pig share to be around 200 lbs.


Pricing for half pork: 

$8.50/lb on the hang weight, and the kill fee, cut fee, and wrap fees at a USDA-inspected butcher are included. Free delivery within Treasure Valley. We expect the hang weight of a half pig share to be around 100 lbs.


Important Details:

Before the pigs go to the butcher, we will call you so that you can pick which cuts and thicknesses of cuts you prefer. The deposit goes towards the final price. The remainder of the price is due before delivery, after the butcher sends the exact hang weight. Smoking and curing of certain cuts is available upon request and is subject to an additional charge. Smoked and cured products are not USDA-inspected. 

Pasture Pork Reservation

PriceFrom $200.00
Out of Stock
  • Processing by Northwest Premium Meats in Nampa, ID, a USDA-inspected facility.

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