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Pork Cut List

The harvest date of your pig is quickly approaching, and we want to make sure that you get exactly the cuts you want! Please fill out the form below. Any options that come with an additional charge are noted. Sausage mixing is free. If you have any questions, please call Mark at (208) 207-4292. We're so glad that you chose Grandad Farms to be your local farm!

pork cuts.png
How would you like the spareribs?
Would you like shoulder roasts or farmer style ribs?
How heavy would you like the shoulder roasts to be?
How would you like the hocks?
How would you like the bacon?
How would you like the bacon cut?
How would you like the hams?
How would you like the hams cut?
What additional parts would you like to save?

Sausage Options:

  • Fresh (no added ingredients)

  • Breakfast sausage ingredients: water, salt, spices, sugar

  • Sweet Italian sausage ingredients: water, salt, fennel, black pepper, sugar

  • Custom blend available (select with the dropdown below)

Thanks for filling out the cut list! We'll be in contact regarding delivery of your pork!

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